Beechworth Boomerang Bags


Beechworth Boomerang Bags is part of a community-driven world-wide movement tackling plastic pollution at its source.  Volunteers from all walks of life get together to make re-useable bags made from recycled donated materials, as a means of providing a sustainable alternative to one-use plastic bags.  The Beechworth Boomerang Bags has now made over 19,000 Boomerang Bags since 2017.  They're distributed to businesses throughout town.  They create a platform to start conversations, make friends, up-cycle materials and work towards shifting society's throw away mentality.

Anyone can join our weekly workshops, or work from home. We supply all you need.  Just contact us and we will get you started.


Beechworth Boomerang Bags,  Former Star Hotel, Upstairs 33 Ford Street,  Beechworth 3747  View Map

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