Chiltern Destination Playspace Concept Design

Chiltern Playspace Rendered image

Funded by the State Government's Investment Fast Track Fund, the Chiltern Destination Playspace project delivers a concept for a landmark, high profile, aesthetically beautiful game changer tourism drawcard for Chiltern and the broader Indigo Shire.  Activating and connecting Lake Anderson, Chiltern Goods Shed and the town centre via Martin Park was an essential requirement. 

Community and visitors will enjoy a significant, family-friendly tourism attraction, as well as Indigo and the High-Country region more broadly. Site size, complexity with existing, ageing infrastructure, heritage features, access and visibility and connections between the proposed sites determined a precinct-based solution. The opportunity to reimagine the swimming pool complex as a key component of the Chiltern Destination Playspace became an important consideration as part of the project scope.

The Chiltern Destination Playspace designs are inspired by the climate, and feature textures descending from Chiltern Mount Pilot National Park and geology. The Playspace, Pool and Lake Anderson precinct (including the Chiltern Goods Shed) provided the opportunity to design fully integrated playspace, but with distinct elements;

  • Phase 1. Playground and Road/ Parking (including Pump Track)
  • Phase 2. Swimming Pool and Facilities
  • Phase 3. Roadworks and Amenities - connections and flow (from the playspace and pool to town centre, lake, Goods Shed for walking, cycling, parking and recreation).

The Chiltern Destination Playspace Concept Design was adopted by Council on Tuesday 27 June 2023.

View the Chiltern Destination Playspace Concept Design Report(PDF, 82MB).(PDF, 82MB)