Council launches new digital climate action platform

Published on 05 June 2023

High shot from drone showing solar panels on the Chiltern Community Hub

In celebration of World Environment Day, Indigo Shire Council has launched a new climate action platform to track and report on its activities to address climate change.

The platform, Our Climate Action, makes Indigo Shire one of the first Australian councils to use this type of software and to create a public interface to track, document and report on its climate actions and goals.

Mayor, Cr Sophie Price, says the platform will allow for Council to further demonstrate how it is embedding climate action into all its activities.

“We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for the whole of Indigo Shire and we apply this lens and focus on every aspect of our decision-making. We’re thrilled to be able to demonstrate this and celebrate World Environment Day with the launch of this exciting new platform.” Cr Price says.

Indigo Shire’s leadership in addressing climate change was cemented with its declaration of a climate emergency in 2019, one of the first Australian councils to do so. It has also set a Net Zero by 2035 target for the organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“Since 2012, we’ve installed solar PV systems on 19 Council buildings and in 2021, we joined the VECO power purchase agreement, an action that has reduced our emissions by 20% and through this platform, we’ll be able to document and report on all of this progress in a very tangible and digestible way,” says Cr Price.

Council’s CEO Trevor Ierino says prior to implementing the climate action tracking tool, Council lacked a mechanism to capture, monitor and communicate the initiatives undertaken to address climate change.

“Now, we not only have a powerful tracking tool for staff, we also have a fantastic public resource, which can be accessed through our website, for our community and broader audiences to keep up with our progress and milestones in real time.” Mr Ierino says.

The climate actions on the platform have been separated into two broad categories: 1. Climate actions at Council, which aim to reduce emissions produced by its buildings and facilities, fleet and plant, office waste, and contractors and 2. Climate actions in the community which aim to support the community to reduce emissions, adopt low emissions technology, and adapt to climate change.

Cr Price says, “I strongly encourage everyone to jump online, see the huge amount of work we’re doing, how we’re partnering with the community and how together, we can support each other as we work toward a more sustainable future for all.”

Click here to view Our Climate Action


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