Annual Tree Planting Program to commence

Published on 21 June 2024

Tree planting at Queen Victoria Gardens

Our Annual Tree Planting and Replacement Program will commence in the coming weeks with our parks and gardens crew set to plant around 700 trees across the Shire.

This program is partially supported by funding secured through the Naturally Cooler Indigo Project, which means we can plant more ‘climate ready’ trees species to help increase natural shade and reduce urban heating in our towns.

This project has identified species based on selection criteria to ensure they are drought and heat tolerant, have longevity, the ability to form a canopy (generally taller than six metres) and have low flammability.

Funding secured through the project has also enabled us to develop an Urban Tree Canopy Strategy (currently being drafted) which will identify gaps in the existing tree canopy.

Click here to view the list of trees to be planted in 2024

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