Chiltern Memorial Hall Committee of Management

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3 Crawford Street, Chiltern

9.00am - 5pm Monday, Wednesday - Friday

1300 365 003


Manage and coordinate the use of the Chiltern Memorial Hall.


This Committee's functions and responsibilities are:

  1. To manage the Chiltern Memorial Hall for and on behalf of the Council for the benefit of the Chiltern community.
  2. To be responsible for the routine maintenance of the building and contents, and all financial obligations.
  3. In association with the Council, will develop and improve the facilities.
  4. To maintain appropriate accounting procedures, policies and reports to Council in a manner determined by Council at varying times.
  5. Setting hiring fees to cover maintenance costs. 

Instrument of Delegation

Instrument-of-Delegation-Chiltern-Memorial-Hall-Committee-of-Management(PDF, 2MB)


Dates for 2021: 20 January, 17 February, 21 April, 16 June, 18 August (AGM+ general meeting)