Chiltern Goods Shed Committee of Management

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This Committee has been established to manage the Chiltern Goods Shed and associated land.


This Committee's functions and responsibilities are:

  1. effective management and ongoing maintenance of the Chiltern Good Shed and Gang Camp site for and on behalf of the Council for the benefit of the Chiltern and wider community;
  2. promotion of the site to encourage usage;
  3. pursuing development and funding opportunities that facilitate the future visitor and community use of the site.

Instrument of Delegation

Instrument-of-Delegation-Chiltern-Goods-Shed(PDF, 2MB)


 Chairperson   Glen Cuthbert      
 Deputy Chair                   Gavin Anfruns
 Secretary & Treasurer  Kevin Mayhew
 Committee Members Matthew Williams, Joe Riordon.  



8 June 2021


11 May 2021(PDF, 515KB)

18 February 2020(PDF, 491KB)

5 November 2019(PDF, 490KB)

20 August 2019(PDF, 495KB)

17 June 2019 - AGM(PDF, 519KB)

10 October 2018(PDF, 430KB)

21 June 2018 AGM(PDF, 373KB)

22 February 2018(PDF, 296KB)

19 October 2017(PDF, 296KB)