Arts and Culture Update

Rock n Roll Outlaw

Rock n Roll Outlaw continued over the summer. Inspired by the anniversary of the 1970 film, the exhibition explored the rebellious  mix of 1960s counterculture with the imagery of the 1800s outlaw, Ned Kelly. A number of Rock n Roll Outlaw events were held, including Artist Night with H Fish where attendees were invited to collaborate on an original artwork whilst enjoying wine and discussion led by H Fish. The Empire Pub Choir performed a Rolling Stones medley in the exhibitions honour as part of their monthly choir session.

Due to COVID-19, the exhibition has had to close early and further events, such as the film screening and the closing party have been cancelled.


Artist Night with H. Fish

The summer holidays saw the Burke Museum host a variety of activities including a circus workshop with Yack Circus, a cardboard box creative workshop and drop-in activities.

While the precinct is closed for the foreseeable future, the Burke team are working on developing an exciting program of exhibitions, events and education programs for when we return. Follow the Burke Museum on Facebook to stay updated.
The Burke Museum and Historic Precinct will reopen once the official advice changes. 

Shire-Wide Support Project

The team visited their second community museum as part of the Collections Assistance Program in January. Cameron, Ash and Vicky spent a week at Chiltern Athenaeum, working with the community volunteers on projects such as conservation and collection care, development of policies and procedures and a refresh of the Athenaeum’s wonderful art room display. The team also spent time with Mary Fuge, who spent over four decades volunteering with the Athenaeum. Mary’s story was recorded in a fascinating oral history interview.

canva-photo-editor (82).png

Victoria Cooper working on exhibition planning with volunteers from the Chiltern Athenaeum.


In repatriation, 13 artefacts from the R.E Johns Aboriginal collection have been identified to a group in South Australia. The team are now working with elders from the community to discuss the future options for this part of the collection. 

The team at the Burke are now digitising the photograph collection. Soon you will be able to access this collection via the Burke Museum’s Victorian Collections Website.

burke online catalogue.png