Tourism Strategy & Performance Update


We are serious about measuring performance and using hard data as a basis for decision making for tourism development across the shire and at the local area level.  This information shows what is working and what isn’t.  We can evaluate and recalibrate strategic direction and actions and focus resources and budget to best grow the visitor economy.

Our aim is to understand the trends, evolution, growth, opportunities and challenges in the tourism sector, so we can be responsive and agile in a fast moving industry and assist business owners to be the same.

We will share all the outcomes with you, so as business owners and operators you can utilise the information to assist with planning and decision making.  We hope it assists established and new tourism businesses to meet and leverage evolving visitor requirements and attract customers and visitors from traditional habitual audience segments and from emerging growth audience segments.

We have 6 key measurement areas for tourism performance: 

  1. Visitor Economy

    Twice a year we share the latest report on visitor numbers, visitor expenditure, tourism jobs and the tourism sector’s economic contribution to the Indigo economy.  This report now includes visitation information at destination level:

  2. Online

    Each quarter we share the latest Destination Website statistics, showing visitor numbers and page views per visit to the four destination websites:

  3. Visitor Sentiment

    Annually we will share a report showing visitor sentiment.  The Tourism Sentiment Index measures word of mouth, the predominant influence on travel decision making.  It is a powerful way to monitor the success of our destinations.  For the first time we can measure how many people are talking about us, how positive the conversation is and how we stack up against destinations we would like to compare ourselves to.  Data is drawn from millions of online conversations and more than 500,000 different sources.  

    Check out our first Tourism Sentiment Index report, download.
    TSI 49.png
    (PDF, 3MB)

  4. Spendmapp

    Spendmapp gives us month by month spending transaction data across different spend categories, locations and times.  It gives hard data on which to measure direct economic impact and movement.   Key information includes Local Spend and Visitor Spend and shows where visitors who are spending are coming from and what they are spending on.

    The first quarterly spend mapping information will be shared with you at the end of Quarter 4 (July 2019).  

  5. Visitor Services

    Quarterly Visitor Information Centre’s (VIC) visitation data shows numbers of walk-in visitors, phone and email contacts and indicates how our visitors are utilising the information services we provide.  VIC data alone does not indicate overall visitation, but it is an indicator and valuable qualitative information is provided by VIC staff (who is visiting, where are they from, where are they going, what are they interested in, how are they changing year to year).

    rglen VIC April.png
    Chiltern April VIC.png
    Yack april VIC.png 
    Beechworth coming soon...

  6. Projects

The Indigo Destination Game Changer Tourism Strategy 2023 identifies a number of projects which, if funded, would make a measurable difference to the Visitor Economy. 

Twice a year (each alternate Visitor Economy Update) we report on the status of current projects.

The July report will detail the progress on key tourism projects and initiatives from the tourism strategy.