Tourism Strategy & Performance Update


Now that we are one fifth of the way through the Destination Game Changer 2023 Tourism Strategy we can detail our annual performance report and how this aligns with our overall goals.

Visitor Economy

The PAVE Report is produced twice yearly by Urban Enterprise, so we can measure growth in the visitor economy at destination level and see how we are performing against the targets set in the strategy.

Download the latest PAVE report here(PDF, 321KB)

Slide Pave.png



Spendmapp is a new performance measurement tool which gives us detailed spending data from the banks; including cards and cash. The data shows spending for Indigo. Spendmapp measures the spend of residents inside and outside Indigo (and online) and visitor spend inside Indigo.

  • Visitor spend in Indigo is double that of resident spend within Indigo.
  • Indigo residents spend outside of Indigo is more than 4 times that of their spend within Indigo.
  • Indigo resident spend online is 23% more than residents are spending in Indigo.

We will continue to provide analysis of the data and share with you more information on the 19 spend categories.

slide spendmapp.png

Digital Excellence

The Destination Game Changer Strategy included the objective of Digital Excellence and growing our online presence and performance, this included looking at:

  • Overall volume of conversation - measures through Tourism Sentiment Index download.(PDF, 3MB)
  • Social media engagement - head to the Digital section of this report for an update
  • Marketing - both destination marketing carried out by Indigo Shire and Indigo representation within Visit High Country campaigns
  • Industry listings through the Digital Excellence Partnership
  • Event listing numbers
  • Website performance - check the quarterly performance update below

Visitor Services

Quarterly Visitor Information Centre’s (VIC) visitation data shows numbers of walk-in visitors, phone and email contacts and indicates how our visitors are utilising the information services we provide. VIC data alone does not indicate overall visitation, but it is an indicator and valuable qualitative information is provided by VIC staff (who is visiting, where are they from, where are they going, what are they interested in, how are they changing year to year). The tables below detail the number of walk in visitors to the Visitor Information Centres for the same month last year.

Chiltern VIC.PNG