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Share-Button.png We need to feed the hungry online beast! Please keep the wonderful photographs, videos and animated gifs coming. Post them to your own Facebook or Instagram and #your town. We can’t use everything, but we are always on the lookout for inspiring and visitor-motivating images.

Digital Excellence Partnership

The big news in digital recently is the introduction of the Digital Excellence Partnership.  This is a fantastic initiative that has great benefit for our tourism businesses.  The objective of the Digital Excellence Partnership is to raise the overall digital presence of our businesses and our towns and everything that makes them worth visiting.

Essentially businesses are asked to fulfil a range of requirements, all of which will be helpful to their business.  In return, they will receive a range of benefits, the key item amongst those being a 100% subsidised Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) listing.  An ATDW listing automatically feeds through to, and the appropriate town website such as

Click here for more information or contact Pete Quon – – 03 5728 8000



You may have already noticed that Indigo Shire now has a shiny new website. The tourism section of the site, Visiting Indigo, has lots of useful information for tourism business owners.

Following on from the release of Tourism North East have launched another fantastic experience based website, This site naturally features a strong presence from Indigo Shire given the depth and range of our food, wine and craft beer offerings. We are constantly on the lookout for more great Indigo Shire products and news to feed (pardon the pun) into this website via TNE.


Another development that is still in the planning phase is an upgrade to the Burke Museum website.  The content and imagery will be freshened up but more importantly the strategy behind getting this site in front of more viewers is a priority.  The new site will allow greater scope to promote events and exhibitions (and sell tickets to those) as well as facilitate future initiatives such as housing digitised collections.    

Our town websites recorded excellent results for the quarter.  Visitation was up an average of 25.8% across the 4 sites and onsite engagement up 16.3%. Significantly, after five quarters of declining visitation, the Explore Rutherglen site achieved growth in visitation of 19.8% and increase engagement of 14%.

Once onsite, visitor engagement with ATDW listings was high, with listing views increasing by 29.2% for a total of 57,804 views achieved across the four sites. ATDW listings achieved high engagement with 10.5% of listing views resulting in a click through to the operators’ website or booking service.

For July - September 2018 reports Click Here(PDF, 740KB)

Social media

The Explore Indigo Facebook and Instagram pages continue to present the most enagaging and aspirational content from around the shire aimed squarely at our tourist audience.  Here’s a couple of the best snaps from the last quarter.

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@elbearo   @kate.hanton


Here are some other tourism accounts worth following if you don’t already.









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Finally if you want an update on what’s happening with social media in Australia, check out the 2018 Social Media Report by Yellow

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