Digital Update

Explore Destination Websites

The frequency of visitors to our Explore Destination sites has continued to grow for the year 2018-19. Click on the links to see the individual website reports for the last quarter April 1 – June 30 2019. Here is some commentary on the results that may be useful to consider when reviewing your business online presence

  1. People are accessing the websites primarily via their mobile device. Generally 50% percent use their mobile, however you will see this increases or decreases slightly with each destination. To ensure you are capturing your audience’s attention make sure your website is optimised for mobile devices. It’s a great idea to check your website on a number of different devices- mobile, tablet and desktop so you can be confident your business is communicating to your audiences as intended.
  2. There has been a significant increase in outbound clicks and click through rates. This relates to visitors clicking through to ATDW listings and can be attributed to the success of the Digital Excellence Program and increased number of businesses, attractions and events that have listed with ATDW. The Explore Destination sites are a major touch point in the visitor’s journey to choosing Indigo to visit, and they use the sites to find the relevant information to fulfil their needs while in place. If you have not listed with ATDW or if you would like more information on how to use your listings to be competitive online, Visit Victoria and Indigo Shire Council have partnered to deliver a workshop on August 13, 2019 in Rutherglen. Click here to register
  3. Explore Yackandandah has seen a decrease of use, and while this is a disappointing result Council will look at the success of the other Explore Destination sites and implement changes as a priority. A report on Explore Yackandandah will be provided in the next quarterly update.
  4. Food and wine, cultural experiences and nature experiences are the top listings across all sites, while ‘things to do’, ‘accommodation’ and ‘events’ are the top pages viewed by users of the websites.

Explore Beechworth(PDF, 119KB)

Explore Chiltern(PDF, 117KB)

Explore Rutherglen(PDF, 118KB)

Explore Yackandandah(PDF, 119KB)

Digital Excellence Program

Based on the success of the Digital Excellence Program delivering depth of product to visitors, Council is delighted to continue the program to continue to maintain and grow the number of business, attractions and events across the four Explore Destination sites. Based on the website data from the websites the visitor behaviour indicates strong engagement with the listings.

In the last quarter:

  • Explore Beechworth had 3,360 click through to listings, up 53%
  • Explore Chiltern had 587 click through to listings, up 817% (noting that Explore Chiltern was recently launched)
  • Explore Rutherglen had 3,488 click through to listings, up 57%
  • Explore Yackandandah had 690 click through to listings, up 117%

Not only does the ATDW listing function on the websites demonstrate a clear and concise way to communicate a varied and diverse offering across the Shire, the program has assisted in ensuring the region online presence is growing on Tourism North East websites and Visit Victoria. The listings remain a core focus of driving conversions and achieving product awareness for the region and Shire. 

Digital Excellence Program flyer(PDF, 4MB)

Council is also using the ATDW to promote specific businesses, attractions and events targeting specific markets identified through the Destination Game Changer Strategy through the editorial and online content distributed through Explore Destination websites and social media profiles. You will start seeing this over the next few months as marketing campaigns are rolled out. Please don’t hesitate to contact Council if you have any questions on how to be involved in marketing campaigns. 

Social Media

The last quarter of the financial year has been focused on reviewing the current social media profiles and working to develop a two year social media plan that better integrates with the Explore Destination sites. The plan will be piloted during an upcoming campaign and we will review the results to inform the delivery of the social media strategy. The social media space is always changing and while a plan is critical there will also be flexibility built into the plan so that we can remain adaptable given the changing nature of the industry. Stay tuned for more information.  

New Tourism Development Officer Marketing & Digital

Penelope McGufficke has recently joined Indigo Shire Council’s Tourism Team and brings specialist skills in tourism development for local government and digital media production. Penelope will be attending the Festival of Short Walks drop in sessions as well as the Visit Victoria ATDW Workshop so please feel welcomed to introduce yourself to her, or drop her an email if you have any marketing or digital media questions. 

We need to feed the hungry online beast! Please keep the wonderful photographs, videos and animated gifs coming. Post them to your own Facebook or Instagram and #your town. We can’t use everything, but we are always on the lookout for inspiring and visitor-motivating images.