Digital Update

Share-Button.png We need to feed the hungry online beast! Please keep the wonderful photographs, videos and animated gifs coming. Post them to your own Facebook or Instagram and #your town. We can’t use everything, but we are always on the lookout for inspiring and visitor-motivating images.

Online business listings continue to grow

The Indigo Shire Digital Excellence Program has resulted in 406 listings of product from within the Shire. This is a great effort and means that Indigo Shire tourism operators who have completed the 100% fully subsidised listing process now have their businesses’ details distributed via the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse.  Through the ATDW, business listings are then picked up by the state tourism website (Visit Victoria) as well as Tourism North East’s various websites and the Shire tourism sites. This really is a ‘no brainer’ and if you have not submitted your details and want to find out how to capitalise on this opportunity, please contact Council’s Tourism Unit on 03 5728 8000.

Burke Museum website

The old Burke Museum website is no more! Recently, the planned upgrade to the Burke Museum website has seen the old site absorbed into This means this important drawcard to Beechworth will be more visible online via Beechworth’s primary tourism digital presence. Visitors can also more easily pre-purchase tickets to the Historic Precinct online through this portal.

Get your story on the ‘explore’ websites

We are looking for noteworthy and motivating stories for the four town ‘explore’ websites. Content on the websites is being updated seasonally and we are looking to industry to get in touch with the ISC tourism team to let us know what is happening in your neck of the woods. Please don’t be shy – drop us an email or call if you think you have a story lead. We’d love to hear from you.

Website Performance Q3 – Jan, Feb & Mar 2018/19

Our four websites continue to show strong positive growth across the main metrics of sessions, pageviews and users (see below – year on year comparison). Note: Chiltern shows exceptional growth because it is relatively new and high growth was expected.



Page views:



35.8% increase

19.6% increase

40% increase


418.8% increase

353.1% increase

202% increase


11.9% increase

16.4% increase

16.9% increase


14.3% increase

7.5% increase

23.8% increase


During the third quarter, search engine optimisation was completed for both the Beechworth and Rutherglen websites with the objective of boosting the number of search terms that would result in the websites achieving a page 1 Google search result. A total of 54 refinements were made. The websites achieved increases of 41% (Beechworth) and 23% (Rutherglen) in rankings compared to the same period last year.

Share your News 

We can’t wait to hear about your new initiatives, innovative products and seasonal visitor experiences.  Tell us your human interest stories and share your successes.  Please feel free to send us your new news so we can create ongoing media stories, rich content for our website and social media to create a vibrant destination presence.

Keep on learning

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