Arts and Culture Update

Arts and Culture Update

Historic Precinct Visitation

The January-March quarter has followed previous strong visitation results. We have had 6,110 visitors, which is a continuation of the results from Q1 and Q2. We look forward to a boost in visitation over the busy Easter period.  

National Trust Heritage Festival 

Australian-Heritage-Festival_Secondary_Green (1).jpg

The National Trust Heritage Festival runs from the 18th April until the 19th May. The festival is a nationwide event, with hundreds of organisations taking part. This year Indigo Shire Council has entered Beechworth’s Historic Precinct walking tours into the program. The tours will feature a special emphasis on National Trust sites during the period, and National Trust members can access discounted tickets. It is hoped that the broad reach of the national advertising campaign drives additional visitation to Indigo over the festival month. 

Tree of the Year

Beechworth’s But But Tree is in the running for national tree of the year! This prestigious competition is run by the National Trust, and is the perfect event to drive social media interest. The But But Tree has a fascinating history, once the site of the town blacksmith and early church services, as well as the town message board. Over the years the tree grew around the leftover metal nails from thousands of messages, giving it its distinctive shape. Spread the word and vote here by liking the photo on the competition Facebook page.  

But But Tree1


Burke Museum and Cultural Heritage Recruitment

In line with Council’s increased focus on Cultural Heritage tourism, the Burke Museum and Cultural Heritage team have appointed a new Collections Manager and an Experience Curator. The new team will start at the end of April, and will bring an increased capacity for Council to run motivating cultural heritage events and drive visitation to the shire. Keep an eye out for a revitalised program of cultural and collections based experiences from the Burke Museum and Historic Precinct team!

Burke Museum and Ned Kelly Vault help regional associates

Beechworth’s Ned Kelly Vault recently loaned its four replica suits of Kelly gang armour out to the Greta memorial hall for their Ned Kelly weekend. The museum also helped the Chiltern Athenaeum with a loan of mannequins for their Ned Kelly display. Both of these events were well attended, and represent Council’s renewed drive to help volunteer organisations with cultural heritage projects.