Arts and Culture Update

Arts and Culture Update

Rock n Roll Outlaw

rock n roll outlaw red.jpg

Coming up over the summer, the Burke Museum will launch our Rock n Roll Outlaw exhibition which will be a new take on Ned Kelly. Inspired by the anniversary of the 1970 film, explore this rebellious mix of 1960s counterculture with the imagery of 1800s outlaw, Ned Kelly. A variety of events will take place to celebrate the exhibition including the launch and film screening on Friday 10 January at 6pm.


Keep an eye on the ExploreBeechworth events calendar to see our upcoming school holiday program too.

Shire-Wide Support Project

This month the Burke Museum and Cultural Heritage team launched Indigo Shire’s Cultural Heritage Collections Assistance Program. This program will see Burke Museum staff spending a week full-time onsite at community heritage organisations over the next 18 months, helping to deliver projects such as collection cataloguing, photography, exhibitions and strategic work. Over time this will lift the level of cultural heritage skill in the museums across the community. In November we worked with Beechworth RSL, and over the next year we will work with groups across the Shire. 


Ash Giffney, John Eldrid from Beechworth RSL and Erin Davis-Hartwig, regional digitisation officer

Concert Series – At The Burke

This quarter saw the launch of our concert series – At The Burke. Local singer/songwriter Georgie Currie played in the beautiful surrounds of the Burke Museum, against the backdrop of our 19th Century displays. Keep an eye on the Burke Museum facebook page for upcoming concerts. 

Cultural Heritage Precinct Visitation.

Winter visitation to the Beechworth Historic Precinct saw 5,020 visitors. This has shown strong growth in event attendance.


Over the last few months Ash has rehoused and relocated approximately 5000 objects in preparation for the renovations to the Curatorial Office in the Burke Museum.  In conjunction, the team have established a new collection storeroom off-site that has been set-up with museum grade security and equipment. 

Ash also accompanied the MAP (Museums Accreditation Program) team to Benalla Costume and Kelly Museum as a panelist in re-accrediting their museum. MAP is a fantastic program for museums to partake in as it provides a framework for museums, galleries, historical societies, heritage sites, and archives to achieve best practice across all aspects of operation and increase organisation profile. The Burke Museum will be undergoing its reaccreditation next year, which means Ash will be working heavily on our collection policy for the next few months. 

storage picture.jpg

The new collections storage facility