Pool Development Plan Update

18 January 2019, 05:00 PM

The purpose of this project is to provide Council with the sufficient technical information and a infrastructure needs analysis to make strategic facility decisions on the future of its five swimming pools. This information will build upon Council’s Pool Development Plan and Technical Assessment completed in 2011. The key outputs will be:

  1. A comprehensive report including short medium and longer term renewal, systems and infrastructure needs.
  2. Pool by pool recommendations for capital and plant operational systems improvements; this will become Indigo Shire Council’s Updated Pool Development Plan to assist Council plan for infrastructure upgrades.


IMG_0046 2.jpg

Information Pack(PDF, 1MB)
Pool Development Plan 2012(PDF, 2MB)
Aquatic Facilities Technical Assessment 2011(PDF, 21MB)

Expressions of Interest can be be emailed to info@indigoshire.vic.gov.au or sent by post to PO Box 28, Beechworth VIC 3747

Expressions of Interest close at 5pm on Friday 18 January 2018