Chiltern Netball Courts

Council is inviting tenders for the provision of one or multiple components including Earthworks/Drainage, Concreting, Surfacing & Electrical/Lighting Installation for the new Chiltern Netball courts. Council will have the ability to procure one or multiple components from different tender submissions to complete the works. The components of work will be labelled 1-4 in schedule 1 within this tender.


Tender submissions close at 2pm Friday 9 Nov 2018, must be emailed to

No tenders will be considered if received later than 2pm on the closing date indicated or if received by any other means, without prior approval.

Tenders shall be clearly marked “Contract No 18/4505– Upgrade of Chiltern Netball Courts” and also to be clearly marked on which component/s listed below;

  1. Earthworks/Drainage
  2. Concreting
  3. Surfacing
  4. Electrical/Lighting


Request for Tender documents email Adam Flynn