Deakin Partnership


In an Australian first, Indigo Shire Council launched a partnership with Deakin University in August 2021.

The partnership will link Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies students with Indigo Shire museums in an exciting online cataloguing training project.

Students will gain professional experience cataloguing collection objects in the Burke Museum and Chiltern Athenaeum over a ten-week period. 

The program has been designed so students from across Australia can catalogue the collections online from their homes.

Students will learn cataloguing skills, understand museum practice, and gain valuable experience under the supervision of the Burke Museum’s Collections Manager, Ashleigh Giffney. 

This is a pilot program and if successful, it will be expanded across to other Shire museums in future years. 

We will keep you updated and share the digital collections over the coming ten weeks here.

 You can view items already catalogued and digitised, by heading to the Victorian Collections website.