Beechworth Historic Precinct Education Program

Taxidermy and students.jpg

The Beechworth Historic Precinct and Burke Museum has an exciting new education program.

Strongly linked to the Australian primary and secondary school curriculum, the program includes a comprehensive list of eight programs and an occasional special offering from which teachers can make a select.

These programs are intended to complement the content taught in the classroom in a skills-based and interactive format. Students have the opportunity to explore more of the museum’s collections through a mixture of inquiry and object-based learning.

Exploring the collection items, re-enacting a trial in the original setting, and wondering through the beautiful town of Beechworth led by a local tour guide are all unique and enriching learning experiences outside of the classroom which can be experienced by booking one (or all!) of education programs today.

Booking is easy. Simply head online to the Explore Beechworth website for more information and book via an online form. Or, alternatively, call the Beechworth Visitor Information Centre on 1300 366 321 to enquire and/or book.