Community Comeback Project

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The Community Comeback Project, funded by our Bushfire Recovery Grant, supports community-driven events and projects that encourage our communities to come back together, reconnect and enjoy the people and places that make Indigo Shire special.

All events are to be led by community for the community, so local voices are required to ensure each event reflects its township and community.

Ten preliminary working groups have been established, but more people are always welcome (and needed) in order to see the projects succeed.

Virtual meetings to further develop project ideas around the Shire are underway with more scheduled over the coming weeks.

Please see below for your next local meeting:

Monday 3 May5pm-5.30pm
Zoom registration link:

Monday 3 May 7.40pm - 8.40pm
Zoom registration link:

Thursday6 May 4pm-5pm 
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Kiewa & Tangambalanga
Monday 24 May 5pm-6pm
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Monday 7 June 6pm-7pm 
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Date of next meeting TBC:
For more information or to register your interest, please contact
Indigo Valley