Beechworth to Yackandandah Rail Trail

  • Project typeRail Trail
  • Project value$6.2M ($1.75M from Indigo Shire Council)
  • Project scheduleOn schedule
  • Completion Date28 February 2023
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About the project

The Beechworth to Yackandandah Rail Trail is a 31km sealed trail meandering through the spectacular Indigo Shire.

When complete, early in 2023, the rail trail will be a world class cycling adventure, attracting visitors and cyclists from across the nation and beyond.

The trail is open for all to enjoy, with only two sections left to complete, including linking the trail between the carpark off Yackandandah Road near the roundabout to the Beechworth to Wooragee section.

Linking the trail at the roundabout 

Weather permitting, construction of this section is expected to start in September, and until it is complete, cyclists will need to ride on the road through the roundabout for around 300metres. There are signs and flags to guide you. Please take care.

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Construction Progress

Section 1 - Peach Drive to Kibell Lane - COMPLETE

In Beechworth this part of the Rail Trail commences at Peach Drive, linking up with the existing Murray to Mountains Rail Trail through to the start of Kibell Lane. The trail is 2 kilometres long, 2.5 metres wide up to the Havelock Road crossing, and then 2 metres from this point on.

This section of trail provides a new link through and into town via Lake Sambell, and is close to the Baarmutha Sports Park, Beechworth Golf Course and Beechworth Mountain Bike Park.


Section 2 - Yackandandah to Osbornes Flat - COMPLETE

This section of trail covers almost 7kms between Britton Lane, east of Yackandandah to Osbornes Flat.

The trail travels along the beautiful Yackandandah Creek which flows all-year-round. This area has natural beauty, as well as historic mining and rural values.


Section 3 - Fanning and Factory Lanes - COMPLETE

This is a short 1.6km section near Wooragee off-road, but within the existing road reserve.  Eventually, this section of trail will connect to Beechworth via the old Kibell Lane railway reserve.


Section 4 - Wooragee to Roundabout - COMPLETE

This section of the trail is now open for use however we are still finalising the signage, so users are advised to take care on the new surface.

This section is within beautiful rural landscape and passes near some existing wineries and tourism sites.

This part of the trail is a seven kilometre section between Wooragee village and the turn-off to the Yackandandah roundabout, however there is currently no access to the underpass and Yackandandah Road, so users will need stop at the road closed signs and return the way they came.


Section 5 - Roundabout to Yackandandah - COMPLETE

This section is from the roundabout/underpass at the Beechworth-Yackandandah turn off and is an enjoyable 5 kilometre ride rolling downhill into Yackandandah township.

The first part of this section travels along the old railway line track through Commissioners Creek Reserve.

However, the underpass connecting this section of the trail to Section 4 (from the roundabout to Wooragee), is incomplete and closed.
We urge all trail users to be aware that there is no connection between these two parts of the trail and if you want to enjoy Section 4, access is possible from the Beechworth/Wooragee end.


Section 6 - Kibell, Star and Fanning Lanes - COMPLETE

The old railway reserve at the bottom of Kibell Lane is now being used to link the rail trail between Beechworth and Wooragee via Star Lane and then along Fanning Lane to join the existing constructed trail. (refer map below)

This will add two kilometres of old railway reserve to the project which will have a total of 10 kilometres of ‘rail trail’.

The trail was previously planned through Magpie Creek Historic Reserve, however the cost along with challenging landscape and historic features prevented construction. This historic area is a public reserve and can be access via Birtles Road in Wooragee.   


Section 7 - Kibell Lane - PLANNING PHASE

The trail will follow the historical rail line for 4.9 kilometres through the forest and then meeting the rural landscape.


Signage and Wayfinding - PLANNING PHASE

This is currently being planned, please check back here for another update soon.