Planning permits


A planning permit is a legal document stating that a particular use or development (subdivision, buildings and works) may proceed on a specific piece of land.

It is always subject to a time limit and expires under specified circumstances. We may impose conditions on a permit.

The ability to apply for a planning permit does not necessarily result in approval of an application. Because a permit can be granted does not imply that a permit should or will be granted. We must decide whether the proposal will produce acceptable outcomes in terms of the Indigo Planning Scheme.

It is important not to confuse planning permits with building permits. Building permits relate to the method of construction of a building or development.

Application forms are available online or at your nearest Council Customer Service Centre.

NOTE: When both a planning permit and a building permit are required for a proposal, then the planning permit must be approved and issued before the building permit can be. The building permit must be consistent with the planning permit.


Planning fees are statutory fees set by the Victorian Government in thePlanning and Environment (Fees) Further Interim Regulations 2013.

We charge the following fees:

  • Planning scheme amendments
  • Planning permit applications
  • Certificates of Compliance with the planning scheme
  • Amendments to permits
  • Extending planning permits.

Payment is due upon lodgement of application. Fees are non-refundable even if the application is not supported by us.


Planning permit fee schedule(PDF, 168KB)

Do I need a permit?

However small, any change to the way the land is used or developed (any building construction, alterations or building works) may require you to obtain planning permission.

There are detailed provisions in the Indigo Planning Scheme which set out whether a planning permit application is required for particular kinds of use and development. The planning scheme also exempts certain kinds of use and development from requiring a planning permit.

Below provides information on the planning permit requirements for some of the most common types of development:

You can also find more information on permits specific for businesses (food, accommodation and animals) under the Business in Indigo section. 

Application process

The process for obtaining a planning permit is broken into distinct phases, including but not limited to:

  • Pre-application enquiry - when making an enquiry it is useful to provide details of the proposal and land to enable our Planning Team to adequately research and prepare advice about your proposal
  • Submission of planning permit application, including payment of all appropriate fees
  • Allocation to one of our Planning Officers
  • Preliminary assessment by our Planning Officer in accordance with the planning scheme as well as policies and guidelines. If required, our Planning Officer will contact you in writing to obtain further information
  • Application referred to relevant advisers and external authorities
  • Your application may then be advertised in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (if required)
  • Final assessment by our Planning Officer
  • Decision is made to approve or refuse the application by Council.

To learn more about how long it will take for your application or extending/amending a permit, see How long will it take to issue my permit? fact sheet(PDF, 287KB) .

NOTE: Following this process there is an option of an application for review (appeal) to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Read our Fact Sheet - Planning permit general information(PDF, 344KB)  for more information on the process and what you need to include in your application; this is dependent on what you are seeking a permit for.

Application forms are available online or at our Council offices.

You can lodge your application by:  


Manager Planning and Statutory Services
Indigo Shire Council
PO Box 28
VIC 3747


In person: At one of our Customer Service Centres

As no two applications are the same, it is strongly recommended that you seek independent planning advice from qualified professionals before you submit your application.


Fact Sheet - How long will it take to issue my permit?(PDF, 287KB)

Fact Sheet - Planning permit general information(PDF, 344KB)