Fact sheets

Planning permit general information(PDF, 344KB)

(PDF, 344KB)Planning permit fee schedule(PDF, 169KB)

How long will it take to issue my permit?(PDF, 287KB) 

Indigo Shire Council’s Signage Guidelines booklet (PDF, 2MB)

Clause 56 - residential subdivision information sheet(PDF, 319KB)

‘What is ResCode’ fact sheet(PDF, 39KB)

Medium density housing fact sheet (PDF, 539KB)

Business signage planning fact sheet (DOCX, 185KB)

Subdividing land planning fact sheet(PDF, 241KB)

Home businesses planning fact sheet (PDF, 514KB)

Liquor licensing planning fact sheet(PDF, 447KB)

Bed and Breakfast planning fact sheet (PDF, 572KB)

Extending a home planning fact sheet(PDF, 453KB)

Demolition planning fact sheet (PDF, 435KB)

Water tanks planning fact sheet(PDF, 436KB)

Fencing planning fact sheet(PDF, 662KB)

Restaurant or café planning fact sheet(PDF, 428KB)

Driveways planning fact sheet (PDF, 446KB)

Removing a tree and other native vegetation planning fact sheet(PDF, 452KB)

Building in a bushfire management overlay planning fact sheet(PDF, 571KB)

Car parking planning fact sheet(PDF, 489KB)