Heritage loans

We have funds available for low interest loans to owners of heritage properties for capital works to conserve, preserve or enhance Indigo's heritage properties.

The loans are provided to assist owners in maintaining and enhancing properties. Maintenance of properties is achieved through repair works to building fabric (such as new roofs, gutters etc) and restoration of architectural features (such as verandah posts, finials, etc). Enhancement includes additions, fences and the like which are compatible with the style and architecture of the building.

All loans are for a maximum period of three years.

The loan scheme is a revolving fund and the total funds depend on demand. The funds are determined by the Committee on an application-by-application basis and applicants must fill out the application form(PDF, 52KB)

Read the fact sheet(PDF, 419KB) for information on how to apply, application tips and conditions of work.

If you require any further information on the scheme in general, please contact us.


Fact Sheet - Heritage Loans(PDF, 419KB)

Application form for heritage fund loan(PDF, 52KB)