Heritage awards

Heritage Awards

The Indigo Shire Cultural Heritage Awards program is a biennial event.

Cultural heritage includes both tangible cultural heritage (such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, streetscapes, books, works of art and artefacts) and intangible cultural heritage (such as folklore, traditions, language and knowledge). Cultural heritage may have a range of values for different individuals or groups. This value is referred to as cultural heritage significance. Cultural heritage significance refers to the aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or spiritual value that past, present or future generations hold in relation to their cultural heritage.

The Indigo Shire Cultural Heritage Awards aim to:

  • Recognise outstanding contributions to cultural heritage conservation, research, education, promotion, interpretation, training and awareness-raising within the Indigo Shire
  • Honour individuals and organisations whose work has promoted and conserved the Shire’s diverse cultural heritage
  • Promote the benefits of cultural heritage conservation by promoting examples of good conservation practice and guidance, as well as offering the owners or guardians of our cultural heritage recognition of their invaluable work.


Cultural Heritage Awards Guidelines(PDF, 187KB)