Building Application Forms

To make sure your building application is processed as quickly as possible the following information must be submitted at time of application.

Building Permit Application

Request for Building Information

Variation to Setback (Report and Consent)

Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2018 control the siting of all residential developments up to three storeys in height within the state of Victoria. The Regulations are intended to protect the overall neighbourhood character and the amenity of adjoining properties. The Regulations control street and side boundary setbacks, building heights, fence height, the extent of building of a building along a boundary, over-shadowing and overlooking into the private open space of adjoining properties.

If your development does not meet siting regulations but is not going to cause undue intrusion to the neighbours, it is possible for the Municipal Building Surveyor of Council to consider your proposal, refer it to the neighbours and approve if appropriate.

This process is called Application for Report and Consent and you can either complete the application form online below or download a hard copy to fill in by hand.

Click here to view form.

Septic Tank Permit Application Forms

Please use the Septic Tank Permit Application form (link below) for the following:

Installations - Alterations - Permit Renewals - Amendments - Transfers

Sand Filter Treatment Plant applications

If applying for a system that will include a sand filter you will also need to complete and lodge a Section 459 Exemption application form (available below) with your Septic Tank Permit Application.  

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment Form








Please ensure that we have correct email addresses for owner, builder and/or agent and if completing a hard copy form, please email your application to or drop it in to one of our customer service centres.