Pools and Spas

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Any pool or spa requires a building permit and this applies to above ground, blow up, and those with a lockable lid.

Further information on how to register your pool or spa, the new pool and spa regulations and the steps you need to take to meet these new regulations can be found below.

Do all pools require a fence?

In Victoria the design, construction and installation of swimming pools, spas and their safety barriers are subject to strict building requirements under the Building Regulations 2018

 Permanent Safety barriers are required for:

  • In ground swimming pools and spas
  • Indoor swimming pools and spas
  • Above ground pools and spas (including those with a lockable lid)
  • Inflatable and relocatable pools capable of holding more than 30cm of water
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzis capable of holding more than 30cm of water.

Bird baths, fish ponds and fountains are not used principally for swimming, paddling or wading and do not require safety barriers.

For more information on pools and barriers visit Victorian Building Authority or view a fact sheet on Pool Regulations here(PDF, 2MB) .

Pool and Spa Regulations

On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria. It is now mandatory for owners of land where a swimming pool or spa is located to register their pool or spa with the relevant council.  

If you have a pool, you will receive a letter from Council outlining the registration process. 

Once Council receives registration, we check the year that the pool or spa was built. Following this, you will be sent a confirmation of the age of your pool and a self assessment checklist. With this, you can immediately check your pool fence/safety barrier and have it compliant before an inspector attends.

  • Pools from pre -1991 or pools that have no permit or final inspection need to have the compliance check to Council by June 2021.
  • Pools from 1991-2010 will have until June 2022
  • Pools after May 2010 have until June 2023.

With Council, the current fee for inspection is $350, which is required once every three years, however, we also recommend you search for Pool inspectors in the area to obtain a quote. 

For more information, visit the Victorian Building Authority website.



Registering your pool

All swimming pools constructed prior to April 2020 should now be registered.  At registration you would have been provided with a year that a Barrier Compliance Certificate is to be provided and a relevant checklist based on the age of the pool.

The fees relating to pool registration and compliances are set by the State Government under the Building Amendment Swimming Pool and Spa Regulations 2019.

If you have a new pool you are required to register it with Council within 30 days of the Certificate of Final Inspection.  The fee is a one off $32.40 (for 2021/22).   

Complete registration form here 


If you are selling a property and have failed to register a pool constructed prior to April 2020 the fee is now 10 Penalty Units (currently a Penalty Unit is $181.74) so the fee to register will be $1,817.40.

Organising a pool inspection

Under the new legislation you are required to arrange for an inspection of your pool or spa every four years. This enables you to obtain a Certificate of Pool or Spa Compliance, which certifies that your pool or spa complies with the relevant safety standards.

Inspections can be carried out by Council or a licensed pool inspector and we would recommend that you get a quotation for this work.  If you choose to use an external contractor, you will still need to lodge your Certificate of Pool Barrier Compliance with Council and pay a fee of $21.15. 

Council’s current inspection fee is $450 plus the lodgement fee.

If you choose to have Council undertake your inspection, please complete the below form:

Complete application for pool barrier inspection


Lodge a barrier inspection compliance certificate

If you have used a private pool inspector to conduct your four yearly pool or spa barrier compliance check, you need to lodge your certificate within 30 days of it being issued.

Please complete the below form to lodge your certificate.

Click here to view form.

Self-assessment checklists

Before the barrier is inspected to issue your compliance certificate, be sure to use the relevant self-assessment checklist which was provided at that time of your pool registration or can be found here:

This will ensure your pool has the best chance of passing the inspection and being issued a compliance certificate.

Further fees will apply if a pool barrier non-compliance is issued by either a pool inspector or Council.

Please note:  Pools built without a permit will be required to meet current barrier standards (Checklist 3)