Lost animals and pound services


Losing a pet can be distressing for the owners and the animal. 

Correct tags, microchipping and having a current registration will help our officers contact you should we locate your lost pet.

People who have lost a dog or cat should contact the Albury Animal Management Facility on 02 6025 9682 or info@alburypound.net in the first instance. You can view impounded animals on the Albury Pound website and the Albury Wodonga Pound Facebook page. 

If you do not locate your pet, please contact our Ranger on 0407 201 002 or 02 6028 1100.

For impounded livestock or other animals, contact our Ranger in the first instance.

If you find a lost or stray animal, check for any identification and contact the owner. If no identification can be located contact our Ranger or your nearest customer service centre.

Owners of animals that have been impounded have eight days to claim their pet. Animals that are not collected will be euthanased or re-homed. Once an owner has come forward and all pound fees have been paid, our Ranger will arrange for a time for you to collect your animal. 

Animal pound release fee



Sheep, pig and goats


Horse, cattle, deer, alpacas, camels





Charge for daily sustenance while impounded (per day)

Cat and dog


Sheep, pig and goats


Horse, cattle, deer, alpacas, camels