Wahgunyah Multipurpose Hardcourts and Lighting Project

  • Project typeUpgrade
  • Project value$1.2M ($1.09M grant funded - see below)
  • Project scheduleOn Schedule
  • Completion Date30 September 2022
Wahgunyah Tennis Court 1.png

About this project

This project will strengthen community participation in sporting events and continue encouraging healthy lifestyles through sport. The site will become a key regional sports destination for the region, providing significant participation and programming benefits for netball and tennis through provision of competition and professional grade courts and lighting, and increase in programmable hours. The project is funded by a grant of $1.091M from the Victorian Government's Community Sports Infrastructure Program and a $121,318 contribution from Indigo Shire Council.

Why is this project being undertaken and how is it being funded?

Funding contributor Amount
Grant funding (State) $1.91M
Council $121K
Total project budget $1.2M

The Wahgunyah Recreation Reserve Master Plan identified the courts to be in poor condition and in need of replacement. The re-development of the courts and lighting at the Wahgunyah Recreation Reserve was identified as the Wahgunyah communities highest recreational priority and aligned with Indigo Shire's Active Indigo sport and recreation strategy.


What is happening and when?

The construction tender has been awarded for the project and construction will commence Monday 22 March 2021. The existing netball court will be available for use during construction, while the existing tennis court facilities to be replaced won’t be available for use for during this period. The project is programmed to be completed before September 2022.

April 2021 Update

Works commenced on Monday 22 March, with site fencing and the access road now installed and the demolition of the existing tennis courts is underway. 

The courts area has been cut back to sub-grade and the proof roll was completed on 27 April. The crushed rock sub-base is to be installed on site over the first week in May. 

Wahgunyah Tennis Court - April Update.png

May 2021 Update

Works are progressing well at the site with the sub-base layer being installed and the drainage works underway.

Wahgunyah Tennis Courts May Update.png

June 2021 Update

This month we have seen the pouring of concrete and the installation of the poles for the surrounding fence. These are significant advances in the development and it is fantastic to see this important project progressing on schedule.


July 2021 Update

As these pictures show, the courts are looking spectacular. Four shelters are being constructed and should be finished by the last week of July.

Aerial Wahgunyah hardcourts.JPG Aerial 2 Wahgunyah hardcourts.JPG

                                                                                          Aerial 3 Wahgunyah hardcourts.JPG

November 2021 Update

This exciting project has almost reached completion, with the acrylic surface and synthetic sand filled grass just installed. The courts are now ready for use.

The next stage for this development is the construction of a new pavilion/shelter for the courts and we will be installing a fence between the playground and carpark to add safety for the public when enjoying the facilities. 

Aerial - Wahgunyah Hard Courts 2 (1).JPG

Wahgunyah Hard Courts.png

July 2022 update

Construction of the long awaited pavilion progressed this week with the concrete boxing installed in anticipation for the concrete slab to be poured on Tuesday.

Weather permitting, once the concrete has cured, steel work fabrication will begin in the next fortnight.


What will be the impact of these works?

The existing tennis court facilities to be replaced won’t be available for use for the duration of the construction. Use of the existing netball court during construction will be limited and to be assessed with the selected contractor.                                                                                                                 

Wahgunyah Tennis Court 2.png               Victorian-State-Government.jpg

Hardcourts Layout plan.png



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