Sealed Pavement Rehabilitation and Major Patching

  • Project typeRoad Renewal
  • Project valueVaries Annually (Refer adopted 21/22 budget)
  • Project scheduleOn schedule
Road Seal rehabilitation.jpg

About this project

The Major Patching project typically involves repair of more localised small ‘patch’ size failures, while the Sealed Pavement Rehabilitation program looks at longer, full road width reconstructions on sections of sealed road that have numerous pavement failures and significant roughness.

Why is this project being undertaken?

The ‘pavement’ of a sealed road refers to the various layers of crushed rock, gravels and natural material which exist under the black sealed surface. This sandwich of compacted materials provides the structural base of the road that supports the traffic while the thin bitumen surface acts as the waterproofing layer to prevent the pavement from getting excessively wet and falling apart.

Over a roads' life, traffic slowly breaks down the pavement materials until they can no longer support the traffic loads, which causes them to firstly deform and then ultimately fail.

Council staff develop a program annually to repair small-medium localised pavement failures and identify other larger full width sections where reconstruction is now warranted.

What is happening and when?

Typically, the larger full width rehabilitation projects involve the reconditioning and improvement of the existing pavement materials and drainage improvements followed by a new sealed surface. In some locations minor upgrades to road width, alignment or general safety are incorporated into the reconstruction works if warranted.

The small to medium patches are typically undertaken by an appointed sub-contractor with the specialist equipment to stabilise the failing pavement materials before applying a new sealed surface.

Whilst the localised patching works can be generally completed throughout the year, the large scale contracted works are normally scheduled in the spring time and the larger scale rehabilitation works are often planned for the summer road construction period.

October 2021 Update

Council contractors commenced major patching works on Up River Road on 18 October, with crews continuing on Gooramadda Road, 19 and 20 October.  All going well contractors expect to target some specific sections of road in Rutherglen on Ready, Murray and Church Streets from 21 October.

Road Patching - October 2021 Update.jpg


What will be the impact of these works?

Small to medium patches normally have very short term impacts on traffic or property access, usually less than a working day while the larger reconstructions can often take many weeks to complete depending on the scope. Roads are generally kept open to traffic during these works, albeit under reduced speed and traffic control.