Lake Sambell Precinct Revitalisation

  • Project value$600K
  • Project scheduleOn Schedule
  • Completion Date30 September 2022
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About this project

The project aims to implement the key recommendations of the Lake Sambell Master Plan 2015 and the lakes and Waterways Activation Plan 2020-2030.

Following extensive consultation, the community vision is to provide a precinct for ecotourism and community use. The precinct will be a key destination for Beechworth and will complement other nature based tourism opportunities in the Shire and Region.

Why is this project being undertaken?

The project will:

  1. Improve precinct signage which will improve orientation and interpretation of natural and cultural features in the reserve. The sign family will include orientation plaques at the Lake Sambell precinct entries, major and minor directional signs and distance markers and interpretive signage.
  2. Construction of elevated fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) boardwalks and bridges over steep and inaccessible areas of the Lake Sambell Precinct to improve access to pedestrians, improve safety and to enable revegetation under the boardwalks. This will help facilitate water sensitive urban design (WSUD), reduce erosion and improve water quality. Key features of the historic landscape such as the clay banks, will be preserved.
  3. Formalise walking tracks with improved surfaces, steps, handrails and lookouts to improve pedestrian access and safety, and wherever possible, allow for universal design. Additional installation of universal design park furniture at key locations within the Precinct.
  4. Implement drainage and erosion control measures using Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) measures, traditional drainage techniques, revegetation, rock beaching and construction of retaining walls. Lake Sambell is primarily charged by storm water from the surrounding town which provides significant challenges with point discharge and water quality. innovative and attractive solutions will be found for this problem. 

What is happening and when?

Phase 1: Detailed survey and design will be undertaken for elements of the project and released for public comment. September 2020

Phase 2: Procurement and Construction Commencement Sept 2020- Dec 2020

Phase 3: Construction and completion Jan 2022-June 2022

15 July Update

We're thrilled to announce that the Lake Sambell walking track is once again open, with the boardwalk and track upgrades now complete.

The is track is open the full length from the caravan park to the dam wall at McConville Avenue.

Some revegetation will be carried out in September and new bench seating will be installed along the track as soon as they are available.


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Lake Sambell complete 2.png

8 July 2022 Update

The upgrade of the walking track is now very near completion, with only a short gap in the new boardwalk still to be finished.

Unfortunately completion has been delayed as we wait on the delivery of additional materials but it is expected that the full length of the track will be open within the next week.


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17 June 2022 Update

Despite the wet weather, we’re making good progress on the construction of the new boardwalks and an additional bridge.

The path from Jarvis Road to McConville Ave remains closed. Please observe the track closed signs as it is still a construction zone.

Sambell June 17 update_2.jpg  

Sambell June 17 update.jpg


27 May 2022 Update

We're pleased to announce that one section of the Lake Sambell walking track, from the Jarvis Road car park to the caravan park, has re-opened.

The track from Jarvis Road to the weir remains closed as construction of the boardwalks around the clay banks area continues.

Please observe the signs and remain out of this area as it is a construction zone. 

The works are on track to be completed in June. 

Lake Sambell May 27.png
Lake Sambell May 27_2.png

20 May 2022 Update

The Lake Sambell precinct revitalisation project continues to progress well with a number of bridges now installed and new timber stairs under construction.

Footings are in place and preparations underway for the construction of approximately 140m of boardwalk around the clay banks section of the walking track.
Works are on target to complete the upgrade of the walking track in June.

The walking track between the McConville Avenue entry near the weir wall and the Lake Sambell Caravan Park remains closed.


Lake Sambell 1.png
Lake Sambell 2.png

7 April 2022 Update

Works to replace the boardwalks around the clay banks commenced in late March and are progressing well. Sections of old boardwalk have now been removed and in coming weeks a number of large declining pines will be removed. 

Access to the lakeside walking track remains limited while these works are underway and residents and visitors using the track are asked to not enter the construction area. Currently the entire track between the McConville Avenue entry near the weir wall and the Lake Sambell Caravan Park is closed. 

Scheduled works are still tracking towards a June 2022 completion.

Construction site with safety bunting in lake side location

25 March 2022 Update

We're aiming to begin construction of the new boardwalks on Monday 28 March.
The works, which include improvements to the existing walk tracks, will continue through until June and during this period, sections of the walking track on the south side of the lake will be closed.
The first closure on Monday will be for the section between the caravan park and Jarvis Road and the car park in Jarvis Road will also be closed so that it can be used for the delivery and storage of construction materials and equipment.


4 March 2022 Update

We've engaged Nature Tourism Services to review the signage strategy provided in the Lake Sambell Masterplan and provide a place making strategy. Through this, digital and physical signage will tell the story and enhance both local and visitors experience and understanding of the precinct as well as assist with orientation.

The new signage suite will include major road entrance signage as well as node entry signage and interpretation markers which will link via QR code to digital information.

Additionally, the contract for the construction works for the walking track works on the southern side of the lake are being finalised with a local contractor.

This work will include improvements to the natural track surface with resheeting, landscaping and installation of park furniture, replacement of ageing bridges with fibreglass reinforced plastic structures and installation of additional raised boardwalks in wet areas to allow for revegetation and stormwater flow under the structures.

These structures will be similar to the fibreglass reinforced plastic structures which were installed in wet areas in late 2020.  There will also be a number of sets of steps replaced to provide consistent tread and riser height and width which will improve the walking experience.

Some pines will be removed to facilitate the construction of the new boardwalks, for safety reasons and to assist with providing a wider and smoother surface for walking.

This is in line with the recommendations of the Lake Sambell Masterplan, which was the subject of community consultation.

Revegetation with native plants will also be undertaken as part of the project to enhance stability and improve water quality entering the lake.














What will be the impact of these works?

Sections of the walking track network in the Lake Sambell Precinct will be closed for short periods during construction work.



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