Former NECMA Site Redevelopment - Kiewa/Tangambalanga

  • Project typeLand redevelopment
  • Project valueN/A
  • Project scheduleOn schedule

The Consultation Process

In March 2021 Council staff held two community drop in sessions onsite in Kiewa to talk to the community about their ideas and vision for the Kiewa River access site at the ‘Old NECMA depot’.  Approximately 50 people attended these two sessions.

There was also an opportunity for residents to provide input through Social Pinpoint, an online ideas board where community members can leave feedback on each other’s ideas. There were five discussions held in this forum.

Additionally, there was a short questionnaire on the Council website, which asked two main questions:

  1. What is your vision for the site?
  2. What activities would you like to participate in on site?

27 responses were received through the online questionnaire.

Why did we consult?

Connection to the Kiewa River has long been a high priority for the community of Kiewa and Tangambalanga with both Council and the community trying to secure public access to the river for many years.  

Council committed to providing community access to the river as part of the 2018 Kiewa Tangambalanga Placemaking Strategy.

When the opportunity arose, Council purchased the former North East Catchment Management Authority (NECMA) depot, the parcel of land located at 37 Kiewa East Road, Kiewa. With its river frontage and large open space, it was identified as the ideal place to develop a community space.

We are committed to working in partnership with the community to develop a plan for the site with access to the river for swimming and fishing as well as other informal recreation activities.

What did we find out?

The main theme from the community consultation is the desire for a safe swimming area suitable for families. Some community members identified the Crown Land to the left of the site (which has been discussed in the past) would be an ideal location for swimming with a car park at the NECMA site and a walking track/ board walk to this area. Access to swim in the river is the most important aspect the community want developed before any other major work commences on the site. There was also a strong desire by some to have a safety fence along the river to separate the community space.

The idea of a Men’s Shed was discussed with multiple community members and seemed very well supported.  

The most debated idea was overnight camping and caravanning and a dump point. This was strongly supported by some while others strongly disagreed and believed it should be a community space not a tourist space. 

What's happening now?

We have established a Working Party consisting of 12 members from the Kiewa Tangambalanga Community and engaged Fiona Slade Landscape Architects to develop a Masterplan for the site.

The Working Party met onsite with Fiona and her team on Monday 13 August to refine the community feedback gathered during the consultation process and to provide further input into the development of the Masterplan.

Once a draft Masterplan is ready it will be shared with the community for further input.

A Masterplan is an important step in the process as it will assist Council and the community to seek grant funding to help develop the site.



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