Chiltern Community Hub

  • Project typeConstruction
  • Project value$3.73M ($3.6M grant funded - see below)
  • Project scheduleOn Schedule
  • Completion Date30 December 2022
Chiltern Community Hub_Render 1.png

About this project

A new community gathering space that consolidates various community services and creates an inclusive, welcoming space for all residents was identified as a top priority when the Chiltern Placemaking & Structure Plan was adopted in 2016. 

The Chiltern Community Hub will be a community facility that will house a range of services including childcare, kindergarten, maternal and child health services, a library and community meeting rooms. Additionally, the Placemaking Plan identified the activation of the Civic Precinct, including the old Courthouse Building and former Municipal Building as a key priority.

*Please note the images on this page are an artist's impression and not necessarily representative of what the final design will be.

Why is this project being undertaken and how is it being funded?

The project is funded by the Victorian State Government, through the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. The project has been through an extensive consultation period with the community - firstly to understand the needs of the community in relation to the building and secondly to further refine the concepts and develop a final concept.

Funding contributor Amount
Grant funding (State) $2.5M
Grant funding (Federal) $1.1M
Council $130K
Total project budget $3.73M


What is happening and when?

July 2022 update

Following the recent removal of a redundant underground tank at the site, construction of the Chiltern Community Hub is progressing well.

Screwpile footings and sub services have been installed with concrete form work and reinforcement currently underway in preparation to start pouring concrete next week.



Chiltern Hub 1.png
Chiltern Hub 2.png

June 2022 update

Approximately 160 tonne of building materials has been salvaged for reuse and recycling following the demolition of the former SES Shed and Lions storage shed to prepare the site for construction of the new facility.
Approximately 100 tonne of masonry, including bricks and concrete, was taken for recycling in Benalla, where the materials will be crushed and on-sold as recycled products.
Additionally, approximately 20 tonne of scrap metal was taken to be manually sorted, categorised and recycled as well as an estimated 40 tonne of timber, plaster and rubbish.
Diverting building waste from landfill is a key way Council is honouring its commitment to Halve Waste, as well as reducing its greenhouse gas emissions towards net zero by 2035.

We are proud to be working with the contractors on this project, Midson Construction and Digga Group, who are as committed to these goals as we are.


November 2021 update

Work adjacent to the Community Hub site off Crawford Street will occur between November 2021 and April 2022 with the construction of the new SES facility. After the relocation of the SES into their new facility in April, early works on the Community Hub will commence along with the demolition of the existing SES shed. The construction contractor is scheduled to commence works in April 2022 and be completed in December 2022.



What will be the impact of these works?

During the construction phase of this project, the Community Hub site adjoining the existing childcare will not be accessible to the public for parking. The childcare will remain open as per normal hours of operation. It is anticipated at times there will be limited access and potential delays when accessing Crawford Street, Main Street and Howes Street in this vicinity.

Council project officers will work closely with the construction contractor to minimise any impact the construction activity may have. As the project progresses council will contact directly impacted residents and stakeholders and provide public updates.   



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