Beechworth Memorial Hall Reverse Cycle Airconditioning

  • Project typeAirconditioning Renewals
  • Project value$70K
  • Project scheduleOn Schedule
  • Completion Date30 September 2021
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About this project 

As part of our broader air conditioning renewals project, Airmaster Air Conditioning were awarded this project to replace the old warm air furnace at the Beechworth Memorial Hall.

In order to make the project possible a detailed investigation occurred into the available power supply and the three user groups within the building: Indigo Shire Council Library, the Main Hall Committee and the Beechworth R.S.L.

To make the changeover possible, an increased power supply will need to be created and this is included in the scope of the project.

Why is this project being undertaken?

We are reducing our use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (a Fossil Fuel) which aligns with our Local Government Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) converting Council’s electricity to 100% renewable energy from 1 July 2021. There will be a reduction in running costs of the main hall and this will create a further opportunity to input solar gains and further reduce Indigo Shire’s Carbon footprint.

NB: In mid 2021 ISC switched to power supplier RED Energy to reduce our Carbon Footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

What is happening and when?

  • Tender occurred late 2020
  • Contractor awarded 17 June 2021
  • Air Conditioning contractor commenced 31 August 2021
  • Power change over 23 September 2021
  • Works complete 1 October 2021

Abolishment of three existing electrical meters will be replaced by one current transformer meter that can cater for larger input when required.

What will be the impact of these works?

There will be no disruption to the use of the hall during the project. However, on 25 September there will be no heating in the building. 

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