Chiltern Main Street Upgrade

  • Project typeStreet Upgrade
  • Project value$77,000
  • Project scheduleCompleted
  • Completion Date31 December 2020

About this Project

This project delivered an exposed aggregate concrete footpath and a new kerb and channel with improved safety and amenity for pedestrians between Conness and Crawford Streets, similar to the work completed in Main St outside the Post Office.

Why did we undertake this project?

This project was an outcome of the Chiltern Place Making Plan. As part of the place making and Connectivity Plan it was identified that the access needed to be improved including the upgrading of the streetscape in Main Street Chiltern.

What has this project delivered for our community?

We have provided a safer and more accessible link to important community infrastructure in Chiltern.

Chiltern Main St upgrade 4.png     Chiltern Main St upgrade 3.png