Beechworth Goods Shed Refurbishment

  • Project typeRefurbishment
  • Project value$590,000 (Federal Government & Indigo Council)
  • Project scheduleComplete
  • Contractor nameUltra Project Services
  • Completion Date30 June 2020
Beechworth Goods Shed - Finished.png

About this project 

Located in the heart of historic Beechworth, the former Railway Goods Shed sits along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail opposite the old railway station. 

The Goods Shed has been refurbished to provide a space for business opportunities and commercial activation of the railway precinct. 

The refurbishment is funded by Indigo Shire Council and the Federal Government, through the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Program.

The refurbishment

Throughout the design and refurbishment, Council has been guided by specialist heritage advice ensuring heritage preservation principles and restoration techniques were applied.

The particular design features and projected potential uses meant that the adaptation and conservation of the building was relatively complex.  Decisions were based on achieving a balance between an appropriate and economically viable use and the preservation of significant fabric - all within a limited budget.

The significant features of the Goods Shed that were identified as being critical to the retention of its significance included:

  • the original cladding and its patina demonstrating its age and use;
  • the construction method with its eclectic tying together of a structural system with its drainage system,
  • the original timber framing,
  • all of the original hardware and timber framing associated with the doors and timber vents
  • a representative section of the former timber flooring and platform edges

In support of these features the restoration included:

  • the re-use of the original deck timbers
  • the re-creation of the original trusses and downpipes to show how they once functioned on the Railway Avenue external deck
  • the retention of all internal walls and evidence of steam train smoke is still visible on the underside of the old roof
  • re-creation of the original train tracks on the floor to show exactly where train carriages once sat

What has this project delivered for our community?

The Goods Shed has been refurbished to provide a space for business opportunities and commercial activation of the railway precinct. This will create jobs and economic benefits to the entire community. The preservation of the building will ensure its longevity and continued use into the future.

Image Gallery

The following images show the various stages of the refurbishment. 

Beechworth Goods Shed - Finished 2.png   Beechworth Goods Shed - Finished 3.png