Barnard Street Sealing - Stage 2

  • Project typeRoad Sealing
  • Project value$125,000
  • Project scheduleOn Schedule
  • Completion Date30 September 2020
Barnard Street Beechworth.png

About this project:

In 2019, we delivered the first stage of sealing Barnard Street. This second stage continues the road seal for another 240 metres, will include the installation of a further 130 metres of kerb and channel and also upgrade drainage, widen the road, and strengthen the pavement.

Why is this project being undertaken?

Indigo Shire Council delivers a program of capital works which includes the identification of gravel roads in our towns that qualify for sealing. This project compliments the delivery of the first stage of improvements to Barnard Street. These additional works will stop stormwater damage to the road, improve amenity and link into the bitumen network at Frederick Street and Kars Street that were sealed in recent years. 

What is happening and when?

Works commenced in July with the upgrading of the drainage system on the Kars Street intersection. The kerb and channel is planned to be installed the week of the 17th August. Following a period of concrete curing, the road pavement will be placed and compacted. Finally the seal will be placed in early September. This time frame may change depending upon weather conditions.

How will these works affect me?

During the construction works, for the safety of workers and the public it is necessary to have Barnard Street closed to traffic and pedestrians during this period.  

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