Domestic hard waste disposal


Domestic hard waste voucher

The domestic waste disposal voucher is for larger household items that don’t fit in your kerbside garbage bin.

These vouchers are distributed annually with rates notices and entitle the holder to a single disposal of up to one cubic metre of hard waste per voucher. 

Vouchers can be used year round at the Rutherglen or Beechworth Transfer stations. Vouchers will also be accepted at the Tallangatta and Wodonga Transfer Stations.

Items accepted

Carpet, mattresses, soft furnishing, household and garden furniture can all be disposed of for free with your waste disposal voucher, subject to the following limits:

  • Soft furnishing: 1 x 3 seat lounge OR 2 x arm chairs as a maximum (but not both) per voucher are permitted; OR
  • Either of the following only with each voucher: 1 Double Mattress or 1 Queen Mattress or 1 King Mattress or 2 Single Mattresses

Domestic scrap metal, sorted recyclables, white goods and e-waste (such as electronic items and batteries) are accepted free of charge at the waste transfer stations – a voucher is not required.

Before disposing of items, consider whether they could be reused or recycled in another way. Items in good condition can be taken to your local charity store, given to friends or sold through online forums.

Items not accepted

Items not accepted

The following items can be disposed of as per the instruction in the table below, which may incur fees and charges.



Domestic Waste & recyclables including cardboard

Beechworth or Rutherglen Waste Transfer Stations

Car Bodies

Beechworth or Rutherglen Waste Transfer Stations

Industrial Waste

Albury Waste Management Centre

Car Batteries

Beechworth or Rutherglen Waste Transfer Stations


Wodonga Transfer Station

Cleaning Solvents, household chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or unidentified chemicals

Detox your home

Green waste or garden waste

Beechworth or Rutherglen Waste Transfer Stations


Albury Waste Management Centre


Beechworth or Rutherglen Waste Transfer Stations

FAQs about hard waste vouchers

Where do I find my voucher?

Waste disposal vouchers are issued to property owners within Indigo Shire. The vouchers are located on the bottom of the first rates notice (sent out in September).

I have recently purchased a property and did not get a hard waste disposal voucher/ I cannot find my voucher.

Contact us and a replacement voucher may be issued to the property. 

What if I rent?

Waste disposal vouchers are issued to property owners within Indigo Shire. If you rent, council advises that you contact your real estate agent and request the vouchers from the property owner, or if an agent isn’t involved ask the owner directly.

Do I have to wait until hard waste weekend?

Council no longer provides a hard waste weekend service. You can use your rates waste disposal vouchers at any time during opening hours at the Rutherglen, Beechworth, Wodonga or Tallangatta waste transfer stations.

What if I have more than 1m3 of waste to dispose of?

Some items are disposed of free of charge, while others attract fees. Transfer station staff will assess the load and advise you on the cost. You can view the fees and charges in advance here. Two waste disposal vouchers are issued to each property.