Becoming an owner-builder

An owner-builder is someone who carries out building work on his or her own land.

Owner-builders have a number of important duties and responsibilities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining and complying with a building permit
  • Arranging for the certification of completed work and ensuring that the work is compliant with Australian standards
  • Ensuring site and worker safety
  • Rectifying any defective building work
  • Ensuring appropriate insurance policies are in place.

As an owner-builder, you are required to obtain a certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) where the value of works is more than $16,000 in order to obtain a building permit.

Obtaining a certificate of consent does not guarantee that you will be issued with a building permit.

For more information on becoming an owner-builder, visit the Victorian Building Authority’s website, phone 1300 815 127 or email