Control and management of livestock


Council has a requirement to manage livestock on roads, reserves and in other public areas controlled by us.

To facilitate this, we adhere to Local Law No. 4 (Control of Livestock)(PDF, 1MB)  and the Impounding of Livestock Act. These two sets of laws have control measures in place to enable formal approvals or restrictions of activities. In many cases there are fees attached for approvals or in the case of trespass notices, fencing orders and impoundment, fines may be issued. 

The management controls include:

  • Grazing of roads/reserves
  • Movement of livestock
  • Droving
  • Fencing containing livestock
  • Trespassing livestock
  • Impounding of livestock.

In most cases trespassing livestock between two property owners will need to be resolved privately between both parties.


Local Law No. 4 Control of Livestock(PDF, 1MB)