Indigo Ageing Well


The Indigo Ageing Well project consultation and planning phase has been completed and the focus is now on implementing the priority projects identified through extensive consultation with local organisations and community members. 

The key themes that came out of community consultation included:

  • Social activities and inclusion
  • Information, communication and advocacy
  • Access to transport
  • Health services
  • Facilities and footpaths
  • Housing.

Close to 45 per cent of our survey respondents indicated that access to friends and people to do activities with was a primary indicator of an age-friendly community.

Two projects that address the issue of social isolation are:  

  • Indigo Chats for Change: A program where elderly residents are matched with other community members for regular social calls
  • Indigo Community Connectors: Community leaders in each township are trained as ‘go to’ people in their area for social connections and other support.

Close to 55 per cent of respondents indicated they were either unsure, or felt under-valued in their community and that transport and the ability to access services in neighbouring towns was difficult.  

The projects that will address these themes are:

  • TimeBank and Share My Ride: Develop a tool to help residents exchange skills and services and to access community transport options for nearby townships. Elderly residents will be able to reach out for assistance when required and offer skills and services in exchange.

Finding it difficult to access information about what services and social activities were available to residents was also raised as an issue. To address this, we will implement the following:

  • Ageing Well Connect: The Ageing Well Connect is a bulletin that will be distributed by us and included in publications such as the Indigo Informer. This will ensure residents are aware of services, community events, and other social opportunities which is an integral part of improving elderly liveability.

These projects will be developed in partnership with community input from both the Indigo Shire Ageing Well Steering Committee and interested residents. Anyone with an interest in particular projects can express their interest by contacting our Community Development Officer on 1300 365 003 or

Further information about ways to get involved and help develop and deliver specific projects will be available during the second half of 2018.