Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project


1. About the project

The Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project will upgrade and link three key precincts in Rutherglen with flow-on benefits to the region's cyclists, pedestrians and recreation vehicle users.

The two-year project will benefit local residents, businesses & visitors alike. It is estimated that the project will generate 25 jobs during construction, and 29 jobs ongoing.

2. Scope of works

$1.834 million project for infrastructure improvements to three key precincts;

  • Rutherglen Main Street (streetscape works, footpath extension to Drummond Street and connectivity pathways in Bowling Green Lane)
  • Hopetoun Road (Sealing of road from Murray Valley Highway to Wine Bottle, construction of shared pathway along Hopetoun Road and enhancement of the Wine Bottle precinct)
  • Lake King (Dam safety and landscaping works leading to the overall enhancement of the Lake King recreational area, including improvements to internal pathways and connections to the town centre.)

3. Works in progress

Hopetoun Road precinct

  • New bike rack at the base of the Wine Bottle to be installed early November. 

Main Street

  • New Bike Rack for Gollings Square to be installed early November.
  • New bin surround anticipated delivery late December/early January. Temporary wheelie bins will remain in place.
  • The contract for new pedestrian barriers at key locations has been awarded with delivery also estimated at late December/Early January.

Lake King precinct

  • Community drop-in sessions are currently being planned for mid-November to discuss these plans with community and to get feedback on minor design and landscaping elements.
  • Tender documents being reviewed in preparation for civil earthworks.

4. Remaining works

Hopetoun Road precinct

Consultation required with Committee of Management to determine the final understory landscaping plan around the Wine Bottle for action in autumn.

Main Street

  • Installation of pedestrian barriers and bins
  • Locations and quantities of all other (out of scope) waste and recycle bins to be reviewed for possible future upgrade to new Main St design in future years.
  • Final placement of seating
  • Long vehicle parking – Still to be investigated further.
  • Way finding signage (linking all precincts)

Lake King precinct

  • Bulk earthworks and final landscaping expected to commence early in 2019 for completion by mid-year.