Kiewa-Tangambalanga Placemaking and Structure Plans


1. Overview

The Kiewa-Tangambalanga Placemaking Plan and Kiewa-Tangambalanga Structure Plan set a vision for the future of Kiewa-Tangambalanga and ensures the future is well-planned, vibrant and sustainable. To inform the development of these plans, Council, CoDesign Studio and the Victorian Planning Authority conducted an extensive community consultation process.

The community confirmed five priority themes and identified their key projects for community-led implementation in the near future. These priorities now form the basis for the Action Plan within the Placemaking Plan.

2. Priority themes

Main street upgrades

  • Creating a sense of arrival through town entry markers and central streetscape.
  • Upgrades to pedestrian facilities, such as safer places to cross the main street.

Community Assets

  • To increase community participation, suggestions included community gardens and markets, events and upgrades to community facilities such as the bike track and skate park.
  • Other priorities included increased regularity and variety of mobile health services visiting the area.

Business and Tourism

  • Strong desire to create a vibrant retail precinct along the main street.
  • Particular interest in a small supermarket or grocer; and opportunities to identify a local speciality / attraction.


  • The community identified a need for bus services to Albury and Wodonga for those who are unable to drive for social, service and employment requirements.
  • The provision of this service would also require upgrades to the bus stop.
  • Upgrades to active transport links

Improved access to the river

  • Priority for informal uses including picnics and BBQs. 
  • Initial access should allow for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.
  • Potential for camping and caravans in the future.

 Additionally, the Structure Plan identifies the following themes:


  • Make Kiewa–Tangambalanga attractive for industrial and retail investment
  • Support Kiewa-Tangambalanga to take advantage of opportunities that arise from the region’s tourism market
  • Embrace Kiewa–Tangambalanga’s role as a peri-urban settlement and take advantage of the associated economic opportunities
  • Protect existing agricultural uses on productive agricultural land from residential encroachment

Local Character

  • Strengthen the heart of town
  • Enhance Kiewa–Tangambalanga’s local character


  • Provide housing for a diverse community
  • Ensure future residential development is integrated with the existing township and natural assets
  • Ensure Kiewa–Tangambalanga has a minimum of 10 years residential land supply at any point in time

Lifestyle and Community

  • Facilitate healthy living by encouraging sufficient provision of passive and active recreation infrastructure
  • Ensure residents have access to community infrastructure

Natural Risks, Environment and Aboriginal Heritage

  • Respond appropriately to natural risks
  • Take advantage of the opportunities that arise from the natural environment

 Read the Kiewa-Tangambalanga Placemaking Plan(PDF, 12MB) and Structure Plan(PDF, 22MB).

3. Kiewa East Road Design and Upgrade

In April 2019 temporary installations, such as street trees, seating, artwork and marked car parking will be in place to test improvements to the public space along the main street.
These installations will transform the Kiewa East Road around the section from the pool to the school. These are temporary installations only and the community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on how the space is working.

These temporary installations are based on feedback gathered from the Kiewa-Tangambalanga Placemaking and Structure Plan, and Indigo Shire Council have been working with Co-Design Studio to involve the community in the planning and design of upgrades to Kiewa East Road. This will help us as we start to design more permanent upgrades to the main street area.

4. Tangambalanga playground and community garden

Plans are underway for a community garden and active play space at the Jackman Drive and Watts Way Reserve, Tangambalanga.

Community members from the Kiewa Valley Community Garden project are working with Project Delivery Officer Adam Flynn to discuss designs for the garden. 

In the 2019/20 financial year we will also be developing designs for a play space at the reserve, integrating recommendations from our recent Play Parks strategy consultation.