Chiltern Placemaking Project


The Chiltern Placemaking Project is an innovative plan for Chiltern’s future to help guide its development over the next decade.

The placemaking approach provides a comprehensive, community centred process for creating places where people want to be. Chiltern residents have had input into the plan from the beginning and it reflects their strong community views.

Applying the approach to the whole town of Chiltern has resulted in a plan that integrates infrastructure elements and services with the culture of the Chiltern community.

Chiltern is ideally located on the Hume Freeway between Wodonga and Melbourne, it is next door to a national park, it has natural gas, a railway station, heritage streetscapes and strong sense of community. These great strengths will help build population and drive development and growth through this placemaking plan.

What the community has come up with are a number of key strategic projects including enhancing the entrance to Chiltern off the freeway, enhancing pathways and trails in and around the town, children’s services, and improving Chiltern’s recreation facilities and creating a ‘town centre’ in the historic precinct.

Projects completed:

  • Martins Lane renewed
  • Town entry drainage & plantings

Projects underway:

  • Town entry sculpture: Engineering and VicRoads approval underway with the sculpture to be installed by June 2019
  • Chiltern Netball Courts: Currently underway with completion due by the end of March 2019
  • Connectivity Plan: Final draft under review