Community reference group

Community reference group

The Rail Trail Community Reference Group had their first meeting on Tuesday 21 May 2019. Nine community members were selected through a public expression of interest for their range of skills, interests and community connections across cycling (rail trail/road/mountain bike), horse riding, active recreational clubs, business, design, community health and wellbeing, tourism, environment, culture and history. Councillor Larry Goldsworthy is the Chair of the group, with Councillor Diane Shepheard and Council infrastructure and tourism officers also in attendance.

A key role of the group is to:

  • Provide insights and inputs to maximise the user experience ‘on-the-ground’.
  • Communicate, advocate and be a channel for the project to receive community input and feedback.

Please welcome our Rail Trail Community Reference Group and let them know your interests, ideas and feedback.

The Community Reference Group (left to right) Graham Brown, Luke Woodford, Rachel Bohm, Dr Christie Rodda, Nigel Walker, James Lacey, Barbara Martin, Dr Helen Robinson, and Dr Tess Goodwin (absent).