Mia Mia Road Upgrade

  • Project typeRoad widening
  • Project value$150,000
  • Project scheduleUnder construction
  • Completion Date30 October 2020
Mia Mia road.jpg

About this project

The works involve widening a 1.5km section of Mia Mia Road north of the Murray Valley Highway from a single lane road to a two lane sealed road (6m seal) with 1.2m gravel shoulders.

The project has involved the replacement of the existing box culverts and the reconstruction of the table drains each side of the road.

The works will also include the re-sheeting and sealing of a section of Mia Mia Road at Gooramadda Road to improve safety at this intersection.

Why is this project being undertaken?

The works have been identified as a strategic priority and will improve access for both Mia Mia Road residents and visitors to the region.

What is happening and when?

The works are currently being undertaken so that that they can be completed prior to winter.

The works are being constructed under traffic control with minimal impact to road users.