Chiltern Main Street footpath upgrade

  • Project typeStreet & Footpath improvement
  • Project value$170,000
  • Project scheduleIn progress
  • Completion Date31 July 2020
Chiltern Main St kerb and channel.jpg

About this project

The project involves the replacement of the existing kerb and channel and brick footpath on the east side of Main Street. The kerb and channel will be replaced with a red brick tray and concrete kerb to match the western side of the road and a new footpath with exposed aggregate concrete as previously installed in Conness Street. New pram crossings will be installed at key locations along the street and disabled parking at the Post Office.

The project also involves new stormwater drainage to prevent flooding across Crawford Street during heavy rain events, new street furniture, relocation of the existing sewer main and new street tree plantings. 

Why is this project being undertaken?

The 2019 Chiltern Connectivity Plan identified the east side of Main Street between Crawford and Reid Streets as an important link in Chiltern’s footpath network.  

Replacing the footpath with the same design as previously used in the town centre will provide an important consistency and connection with the historic Courthouse, Post Office, Kindergarten, Police Station and future Community Hub. 

The existing kerb and channel and footpath are in poor condition due to tree root damage and many years of poor drainage.  

What is happening and when?

Stage 1 works are now complete. Council has removed the existing street trees identified as being at the end of their useful life and planted new trees in the Courthouse grounds and relocated the sewer. 

Stage 2 works are now underway. Tenders close mid-March for an April commencement.

What will be the impact of these works?

Prior to construction, Council’s Project Manager will contact landowners directly impacted by these works to discuss any potential disruption to property access and street parking. Council will take all reasonable measures to reduce any impact to business and road users during the construction period. Businesses can remain open under their normal hours of operation.   

Concept image - new footpath and kerb and channel

Concept Chiltern kerb and channel.jpg

 Location Map

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