Beechworth Goods Shed Refurbishment

  • Project typeRefurbishment
  • Project value$590,000 (Federal Government & Indigo Council)
  • Project scheduleOn Schedule
  • Contractor nameUltra Project Services
  • Completion Date30 June 2020
goods shed.jpg

About this project 

Located in the heart of historic Beechworth, the former Railway Goods Shed sits along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail opposite the old railway station. 

The Goods Shed is being refurbished to provide a space for business opportunities and commercial activation of the railway precinct. 

The refurbishment is funded by Indigo Shire Council and the Federal Government, through the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Program.


About the refurbishment

Through the refurbishment we want to maintain the Goods Shed's heritage features, through sensitive design and use of  recycled materials.

Following the completion of the design and tender process, Council has awarded the contract for the works to Ultra Project Services.

Stage 1 of the refurbishment will commence in early December 2019 and is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2020. 

 The works will include:

  • Strengthening and recladding the roof including new skylights  
  • New internal concrete floors
  • New external cladding
  • Connection to power, water and sewer

 What is happening and when? 

Preliminary works have started and involve cleaning the building and site. Concrete works will commence this year and will be complete early in the new year when works will start on the roof and the external cladding. 

What impact will these work have on the community?

We anticipate minimal impact, but there will be times when a section of the rail trail will be closed to enable contractors access to the site. There will also be limited access to the nearby car park

Update - January 2020

The builder has removed an amount of timber which will be re-used to make an internal deck. 

All timbers have been carefully numbered in sequence to ensure reinstatement in their original location. 

The lower level has been excavated and concrete poured on 16 January.

Update - February 2020

All internal drainage and concrete is now complete. The external deck on Railway Avenue has also been lifted and levelled. The next step will include wall and roofing works followed by installation of new structural columns and frames.

Update - March 2020

The refurbishment is progressing well with the internal works nearly complete.

The steel roof framing has been strengthened with over one tonne of additional bolts, packers and brackets, which will provide the increased reinforcement required to support the new roof and meet current engineering standards.

Externally, the builders are cladding the shed in new Z600 galvanised iron short sheets reinstating the shed to its original fabric.

By placing the new galvanised sheets battened out on the exterior of the shed, we are waterproofing the structure and able to insulate the building to meet building regulations.

Insulating the Goods Shed not only allows it to be used commercially, it also preserves the interior of the shed’s heritage sheeting and structural framing. The shed will also receive a new galvanised iron roof with skylights.

These works have been guided by conservation principles and the need to provide a flexible environment for commercial use, ensuring the Goods Shed historic character is preserved while still complying with current Building Regulations.