Rutherglen Caretakers Cottage

  • Project value$47,500
  • Project scheduleCompleted

About this project

The roof of this building required complete replacement which included new timber fascias, roof battens, sheeting, flashings and gutters. The work included the removal and replacement of asbestos sheeting eaves and gable ends. The ceiling insulation was also removed and replaced. The rear porch constructed primarily from asbestos has been totally rebuilt.

Why did we undertake the project?

This renovation was necessary for the ongoing viability of the Rutherglen Caravan Park. To preserve and protect the longevity of this important asset and to provide sustainable living quarters for our park operators. We undertake maintenance of all our parks on a yearly basis.

What has this project delivered for our community?

Our caravan parks attract visitors from all over the world. We support operators to maintain, grow and promote these important facilities which will continue to enhance the economic viability of the Indigo Shire region. 

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