Lake King Pathway

  • Project typeFootpath construction
  • Project value$16,000
  • Project scheduleCompleted
  • Completion Date30 June 2020
Lake King Pathway 2.png

About this project

The new pathway link opened between Murray Street and Lake King in June 2020. 

This project saw the construction of a new concrete footpath link from the existing path in Murray Street, through Apex Park, and joining up to the remodelled Lake King circulation pathway.

The pathway alignment chosen has links to a number of key elements within Apex Park and has allowed for future expansion from it into these spaces. There is a new accessible drinking fountain and water refill station between the playground and BBQ shelter. 

Why did we undertake this project?

We received feedback that following the remodelling works around the Lake King precinct, pedestrian access to the existing pathway became challenging, especially for people with mobility difficulties. Following input from community members and Council's Community Access Committee (ICAC), this new pathway has been designed to provide all weather access, at gentle gradients onto the popular pathway around the Lake. The plan also included some minor drainage improvements to help with stormwater management at the site. 

What has the project delivered to the community?

Lake King Wetlands is a popular spot with locals and tourists. Improved accessibility allows for the continued enjoyment of recreational activities for everyone. Indigo Shire works collaboratively with the Community Access Committee and the general public to identify areas where access can be improved to facilitate increased levels of physical activity, providing mental health benefits and enhanced healthcare options for our community. 

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