Indigo Drive Outfall drain replacement

  • Project typeDrain replacement
  • Project value$60,000
  • Project scheduleComplete
  • Completion Date18 December 2019

About this project

In December, Council completed works behind Indigo Drive Barnawartha to replace an old stormwater out-fall drain.

The existing 375 mm pipes were the old butt joint type that had had become badly displaced causing the drain to be ineffective. New 375mm rubber ring pipes were laid and concrete anchor blocks placed to prevent the pipes from displacing again into the future.

This will ensure effective outfall of storm-water from Indigo Drive into Indigo Creek. The works were completed as part of Council’s Capital Works Renewal Program.

Why is this project being undertaken

To ensure effective stormwater outfall from Indigo Drive

What is happening and when?

Works commenced early December and were recently fully completed.

What will be the impact of these works?

An effective drainage outfall system for Indigo Drive in Barnawartha into the future.