Waste and recycling


The Council has a number of initiatives for best practice waste and recycling in our Shire.

Transfer stations
We have a number of transfer stations in our Shire.

Halve Waste
We are a part of the Halve Waste team and aims to reduce the volume of waste that goes to landfill by 50 per cent by 2020.  

There are many educational resources for businesses, households and schools available at halvewaste.com.au.

Plasticwise Indigo

The Plasticwise Policy(DOCX, 188KB) was adopted in July 2018.  The policy aims to demonstrate Council’s leadership in sustainability by reducing, and eventually eliminating, single use plastic in council operations and events.  We encourage and support all businesses, groups and individuals in the Shire to reduce their plastic waste too. For more information see our Plasticwise FAQs(PDF, 62KB) and for help choosing alternatives to plastic see this handy list(PDF, 540KB).

When purchasing items, ranging from toilet paper to road base, it is important to consider the environmental impacts of the product and attempt to make the most sustainable choice but, choosing a sustainable product can sometimes be confusing. For help making sustainable choices see our fact sheet(PDF, 236KB).

If you are a food business and would like to find out more about Plasticwise see our environmental health advice(PDF, 48KB).

Takeaway outlets in Indigo Shire that accept BYO containers:


Beechworth Food Co-op

Beechworth Chinese restaurant

Beechworth Indian restaurant

Lemongrass Cafe

Goldfields Greengrocers

Rustique Soul

Beechworth Pantry

Granite Cafe

CC's Quality Meats


 Chiltern Bakery

Chiltern Butchery


Saint Monday Cafe

Grace's Place

Indigo Shire is also home to a growing number of Plasticwise community groups. Plasticwise is a grassroots community based movement focusing on reducing waste, particularly the amount of plastic ending up in landfill and our oceans. Learn more at https://plasticwise.net/

Soft plastics recycling

Soft plastics can’t currently be recycled in the yellow kerbside recycling bin and are a frequent contaminant in our waste stream.

Do you know your soft plastics from your hard plastics? Try the scrunch test: if you scrunch up the plastic in your hand and it keeps its shape, it’s hard plastic and can go in the yellow bin. If it stays scrunched when you let go, it’s soft plastic. Some examples of soft plastic includes:

  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Bin liners
  • Food packaging
  • Cling wrap

Soft plastics can be recycled at RedCycle collection points, which are most major supermarkets and the Chiltern post office. Local Plasticwise groups manage satellite collection points around the shire. If you would like more information, or to get involved in the Plasticwise campaigns in your town, contact the Plasticwise Beechworth and Plasticwise Yackandandah groups via Facebook.

Bin collection

There are three bins in the Shire – Red, Yellow and Green.

The Red bin (general waste) and is collected on alternative weeks to the Yellow bin (recycling). The Green bin (organics) is collected weekly.

To find out your collection day and/or which bin is this week, see the collection schedule at the Halve Waste website.

You can find out more about the items which can be dropped at the transfer station and recycled.

Detox Your Home

Detox Your Home mobile collections are held each year. For details of mobile collections near you, what is accepted and what is not accepted, and permanent locations, visit the Detox Your Home website

There are permanent drop-off sites at:

  • Wodonga Transfer Station, 29 Kane Road
  • Wangaratta Council Works Depot, 10 Newman Street.

Recycling mobile phones

We provide several drop-off points for free mobile phone recycling.

Our Mobile Muster collection points include the Customer Service Centres at Beechworth, Rutherglen and Yackandandah, and the Chiltern Post Office.

For more information on what will be accepted or to download a form to post your old mobile phone, visit mobilemuster.com.au.


Indigo Shire has a range of beautiful and ecological landscapes, including vibrant towns with open spaces.  Litter has significant impact on our environment, affecting fauna and it is an eyesore.  In addition to a network of public place bins across the municipality, Indigo Shire supports it’s communities in the prevention and clean-up of litter with the intention of improving and protecting our environment.

Community groups and individual’s planning litter pick-ups should contact the Coordinator Sustainability & Environment prior to the event for arranging support with disposal of litter.