Indigo Community Access Committee


The Indigo Community Access Committee (ICAC) has been established to provide advice to Council on a range of issues relating to disability including access, equity, and community awareness. 

You can download a copy of the Indigo Shire Access and Inclusion Plan(PDF, 3MB).


Indigo Shire Access and Inclusion Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Schedule A - Terms of Reference - Indigo Community Access Committee(PDF, 1MB)

Current Committee Members

Cr Sophie Price (Chair), Cr James Trenery, Cr Barb Murdoch (sub), Lindsay Jarvis, Susan Royle, Peter Royle, Peter Smillie, Kate Casley, Rachel Ferguson.

Council Officers: Sven Erikson, Carlene Lamanna and Kate O'Toole.

Further information can be obtained from our Ageing Well Officer on 1300 365 003 or