Taking the first step towards using 100% renewable energy

Published on 01 August 2019


Indigo Shire Council voted this week to join the consortium to go out to tender for a collaborative Victorian Local Government Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) project for the purchase of renewable energy.

Indigo Shire Mayor, Cr Bernard Gaffney, said the decision is a significant step in moving towards using 100% renewable energy for Council operations. He also said the decision supports Council’s ongoing energy efficiency efforts and onsite renewable energy installations.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to demonstrate leadership through the purchase of renewable energy and reiterate our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“The decision to take part in the tender aligns with our Climate Change Policy and Environment Strategy, which were also adopted at the Council meeting last night, and shows real action on tackling climate change at a local level,” said Cr Gaffney.

Under the proposal, Indigo Shire Council will collaborate with a buyers group of Victorian Councils in a Local Government Power Purchase Agreement project. Of the 39 councils who originally expressed interest in the project a majority have confirmed commitment to the next stage, with several new councils also coming on board.

“By partnering with the Greenhouse Alliance and other councils across Victoria, it means we are able to work as a group to explore low‐cost options for electricity from renewable energy sources.

“The proposed agreement will supplement measures we’ve already taken in the field of energy efficiency and will meet all grid supply required to power Council operations from street lighting through to Council buildings.”

The final decision to enter into a contract will be made by the project’s tender evaluation panel, and it will only go ahead if the final contract offer is assessed to cost no more than the model projected ‘business as usual’ purchase of 100% renewables over the contract term, and where the offer is considered to be a favourable outcome for the participating councils.

The project was initiated via the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances ‐ Local Government Electricity Contract Working Group. The Working Group was established in November 2017 to help Victorian Councils save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through their electricity contracting.

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