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Published on 16 July 2020

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Council’s search for a new provider of Childcare and Kindergarten services in Chiltern has continued over recent weeks. It is pleasing to report that a number of potential providers are now engaged in discussions with Council and the relevant government departments, and we are undertaking due diligence to confirm their interest in the services.

We are now reasonably confident that a new provider will be secured and that an announcement to that effect can be made to the community in August. An announcement is subject to various State and Federal approvals being finalised.

While we are aware that the current provider is not taking enrolments to the services, any parents that are considering enrolling children in either the childcare or kindergarten services, can register that interest via the form below.

Thank you to all the families who have already registered their interest. Quality childcare and kindergarten services for Chiltern is heavily dependent on the support of parents and families and on the local commitment to use these services. We appreciate the uncertainty has been challenging, and we are very pleased that we are close to sharing a positive outcome.

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Update 18 June 2020

It’s been several months since we’ve updated the community on the work that’s been going on behind the scenes to try and secure a new service provider for childcare and kindergarten in Chiltern.

While it has been challenging, we are making every effort to achieve the goal of having a new provider in place in readiness for the 2021 year.

Council understands that the current provider (AWCC) has recently forwarded correspondence to parents which identified challenges in securing a new provider, and confirmed that AWCC will be exiting the service at the end of November 2020.

We are working with interested providers and Commonwealth and State government departments to analyse and assess a range of operating models which can assist any new provider deliver a strong and viable service and which meets the needs of families for the foreseeable future. The challenges are real but we remain optimistic that a solution can be reached.

The ongoing provision of quality childcare and kindergarten services in Chiltern is heavily dependent on the support of parents and families and the associated commitment to use the services. In short, without consistent numbers of children in the services, the viability of any service is compromised.

We will continue to work very hard to achieving a positive outcome and will keep all parents informed of progress.

Update March 2020

Expressions of Interest for a new provider for Chiltern Childcare, Kindergarten and OHSC closed 3 February. Sixteen Expression of Interest packs were distributed directly to potential providers, as well as the information being available on Council’s website and promoted through newspapers and childcare and kindergarten networks. 

One Expression of Interest was received with the condition that further funding support would be required to progress. Council is reviewing the detail of the application and seeking advice from the State and Federal Departments of Education about next steps.  

Indigo Shire Council understands that the provision of quality and consistent childcare is of great importance to the community, and to the future of Chiltern as a growing hub for families. Albury Wodonga Community College will keep services in place until the end of 2020, allowing time for Council and the community to work through the challenges of identifying a new provider. 

Council will continue to provide regular updates to the community as more information comes to hand.

Statement - 13 November, 2019

We’re working to allay the concerns of families who use the Community Early Years Childcare Centre and Kinder at Chiltern following the decision by the Albury Wodonga Community College to withdraw from the service at the end of 2020. 

Mayor, Cr Jenny O’Connor says the provision of quality and consistent childcare is hugely important to the community and she has moved to assure affected families that Council will be working with families, AWCC and all levels of government to find an alternative childcare provider in Chiltern.

The AWCC has announced it will withdraw from the service in December 2020.

Cr O’Connor says the commitment from the college to provide childcare services for another 12 months is greatly appreciated and means that families and staff will have some time to plan and allow for a smooth transition to a new provider.

“We understand and acknowledge the concern from the community and we want to assure families that we’ll do everything we can to identify alternative childcare providers for Chiltern,” Cr O’Connor said.

Families concerned about the change are encouraged to speak with Council’s Director Community and Economic Development, Mark Florence on 0407 529 770.


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